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2 week mark

Day 15: It has now been 2 weeks since my surgery.  At the inital post-op exam, the day after surgery, they informed me that I would be off crutches in 2 weeks.  At the time, I couldn’t believe it.  A few days later, I felt I could easily be off crutches in under 2 weeks.  In conversations with the doctor’s office late last week, they requested that I remain on the crutches until my next appointment with the doctor this Thursday.  Apart from being a little weak on that leg, I feel like I am completely ready to walk freely.  But I will do as told and keep the crutches for a few more days.


Day 11: I went to physical therapy after work. The therapist said she thought I had become noticeably better as compared to the day before. She spoke with the doctor’s assistant, who passed on instructions that I was to keep the weight off my leg until my January 3rd appointment with the doctor. That is frustrating. But I guess I need to follow orders to make sure I heal properly. So did I do too much today? This evening, we had our dojo’s annual charity kick-a-thon (http://www.jkasv.com/dojo/events/kickathon.html). 2008 front-kicks. I spent half of the time taking pictures and video and giving minor instruction. But I also did some light kicks while sitting down. All on my right side, stabilizing my left on the chair. I will not be back at the dojo until Jan 3rd, after my doctor’s appointment. So there isn’t much risk of me doing any significant karate between now and then. I’m feeling great. I think the range of motion in my left hip is now better than it was just prior to the surgery. I will see if I can find time to visit the gym tomorrow to ride the stationary bike a little. Next physical therapy will be next Wed & Thur, due to the holidays.

2nd visit to physical therapist

Day 10: Again I felt better than the previous day.  After work, I went to the physical therapist.  She added to my daily routine of stretching & strengthening activities.  I honestly did not look ahead on the papers that she & both had copies of.  But each time she explained and demonstrated one of the new exercises, I admitted that I’d actually already started doing that, as it seemed the natural progression following what I had already done in week 1.  She came to the same conclusion that I and others have; that the biggest issue with my rehabilitation will be keeping the pace that the doctor has recommended.  I continue to use crutches – or at times a single crutch – to help keep the weight off my left side.


Day 9: Continuing with the trend, my condition improved further today.  I did some exercises and generally tried to keep rested.  I really think that I could walk without crutches but will follow Dr’s orders.  I will be going to my second physical therapy appointment tomorrow after work.

Christmas Eve

Day 8: It has now been a week since the surgery.  I am not improving at the same rate as I was a few days ago. But still getting better each day.  I worked a little more than a half-day today and meant to stop by the gym on my way home. But I forgot my T-shirt so just headed back and did all my other exercises and stretches at home while watching the Muppets with my daughter.  I am so glad that I will be able to move around fairly well tomorrow while opening presents with my kids.  I am still on crutches but primarily just for the added stability at this point. I’m keeping the weight off that leg and trying to get extra rest.  I’m sure the extra care will pay off.


Day 7: I went to the gym this morning after breakfast and rode the stationary bike for over 20 minutes.  I did a few arm exercises as well but it was a little frustrating to not be able to do almost any of my normal workout routine.  Almost everything somehow involves the hip.  It certainly reinforces the idea that the hips are a very important part of our bodies, of course particularly in karate or almost any other athletic activity.  I am continuing to feel better all the time.

taught karate today

Day 6: I went to the dojo this morning for the first time. I taught the entire time sitting in a chair. We did just a standing bow, with me holding my crutches. Even just in the time since then I think my condition has improved noticeably. I went through another hour of ice-pad/CPT in the afternoon, since I had turned it off midway through the night last night. I have done a round of self-therapy (stretching & strengthening exercises) earlier today and will do my 2nd round starting in a few minutes while watching TV or a DVD.

getting better every day

Day 5: I slept relatively well, having gone to bed around 10:30pm, shutting off the ice-pad around 2:30am and otherwise only waking up a couple times before getting up at 5:15am. I had the low-imapct exercise machine on all night. I felt noticeably better at the start of the day and it only got better. I did a few of my exercises while at my desk and used most of my lunch break on a visit to the gym. I spent 20 minutes on the stationary bike and did a few upper-body exercises, since I have been neglecting my workouts in general recently. Then, after work, I did more exercises & stretches at home. I am feeling like I really could put at least half my weight on that leg without any pain or other negative repurcussions. But I am not going to push it…

back to work

Day 4: I worked a full day at the office today. It took a lot of time getting around on the crutches and I asked people to come to my office in many cases where I would normally go to them to discuss something. My situation has improved considerably. I still felt plenty of discomfort but it has been more apprehension than anything else today. The pain level has definitely decreased markedly. After work, I went to my first physical therapy session. I road a stationery bike for almost 15 minutes to warm up. I started out slowly but gathered more speed as the time passed. We then went through many stretches and a few strengthening exercises. Mostly, we focused on testing and improving the range of motion. The PT could tell that I was doing a good job following what she was doing and the points of each exercise. So she left me with plenty of homework (about half of the things could be done independently but the other half required help in some way) and we set up 2 appointments for next week (doctor prescribed 3x/week but next week they are closed 2 days for the Christmas). The way things have been going, I would be surprised if the doctor does not tell me on my next visit (Jan 3) that I should start putting all my weight on that leg and step up the physical therapy. I am already looking forward to having my other hip done.

working from home

Day 3: I got a little more sleep than the first night.  But I was still half-awake most of the night.  I went to bed around 10:30pm.  I turned off the ice-pad machine at about 2:30am and turned off the exercise machine at 4:45am. I got up a little after 5am to get ready to work from home.  I didn’t get as much work done as I would have liked. But at least I made it through the day without having to take a nap or pop another pain-killer.   I know that I am ready for work at the office tomorrow.  My hip is feeling better and better.  I still can’t/shouldn’t put any real weight on it.  But I am getting more range of motion and strength in that hip/leg.  I set up an appointment with a physical therapist for after work tomorrow.

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