FAI (Femoro-acetabular Impingement) & Karate

My personal experience with FAI and what you should know about this condition

Archive for October, 2014

nothing new to report

I often forget that I have artificial hips.

I do have some minor lingering range-of-motion limitations.  But these are more minor than anyone but me would probably notice.

I do mawashigeri (roundhouse kick) without any problem.  I just can’t do jodan-uramawashigeri (head-level hook kick) and a few other things.

In my university classes, I still see many 18-21 year olds standing there with their mouths open when they see how low my stance or split is.

But I do feel sometimes as though there must be something I can do to increase my range-of-motion further.  I do some slow, light stretches just before going to sleep, which seem to help.  And of course I warm up properly before classes (one challenge for me is that I teach 18-20 classes/week these days so going from warm to cold to warm again so often may be taking its toll?).

Anyway, no real pain and no problems to report.