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Busy & Insurance problems…

I have been so busy recently that I have not been able to keep up with my therapy appointments.   I have been doing my homework – replicating exercises I had done with the physical therapy staff.  But I really need someone to twist me around and help me stretch out properly…

I biked 10 miles yesterday in preparation for my 50 mile charity ride in 10 days.  My hips do not hurt, per se, while riding.  But I definitely feel weak, particularly on my left side.

The insurance company contacted me unexpectedly to tell me that they want me to pay over $30K for part of each of the 2 surgeries.  Excuse me?  Do you think I would have had these operations if I had thought I would need to pay that much??  The doctors in the US are, in my opinion, still the best.  But the insurance system is horrible.  I do not know what is going to come of this.  But I cannot imagine having to pay that much for something that I did not agree in advance to pay.