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Dr gives the all-clear

I went in for my 6(+) week post-op appointment with my surgeon.  He looked me over and proclaimed that I was recovering just fine and no longer needed to be as concerned as I have been.  I still need to make sure to restrict certain movements, primarily to minimize the risk of dislocation.  But he said I do not need to go to physical therapy anymore (I only had 3 visits since the operation this time, but have put in nearly 100 hours altogether since my first operation over a year ago).  He showed me the Xray and I was a little surprised to see not one but TWO screws securing the plastic cup to my hip socket (acetabulum).  He explained that these are titanium screws that cannot be purchased at our local Home Depot, and that they are put into place using a hex-screwdriver.  I no longer need to wear those anti-embolism (blood-clotting) stockings.  I was so glad to throw those away. 

After making his explanations and answering a few questions I had, the doctor then asked me if I would be willing to speak with another patient who had yet to have surgery.  I met this guy out in the waiting room.  He had been doing Judo for a long time and apparently all the falls had taken their toll.  I gave him my thoughts, making sure he didn’t confuse me with a doctor.  Basically, I said that at 50, wouldn’t he rather make the most of his body NOW, as opposed to waiting it out for another 20-30 years and getting a possibly more permanent fix when he couldn’t really make use of it anymore?