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My personal experience with FAI and what you should know about this condition

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continuing to improve

It looks like my last post disappeared… To recap, I did relatively well in the 50-mile charity bike ride in July.  It wasn’t a race, per se, but I did finish in the top 20 (maybe 15) out of several hundred riders (maybe well over 1000?).  So I guess I’m recovering just fine.  I seem to have pretty much all my strength back but definitely still have range-of-motion issues.  I can kick to the head just fine to the front (jodan maegeri) but almost all other kicks are a struggle to get above waist/belt height.  I can move lots of weight on the machines at the gym but my range is limited.  I feel some aching in my hips (both of them, but more left (artificial side) than the right) after doing harder workouts.  But it’s much better than it was a year or two ago.  MUCH better…