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hip replacement surgery date set

I set up my pre-op (Dec 5) and surgery (Dec 23) for the total replacement of my left hip.  I have been told that I will need to spend 2-3 days in the hospital for the initial recovery stage.  So I guess I will be at the hospital for Christmas!  Even though it is looking like the 2 operations of the past year will have been pretty much a total waste, at least I know now that there really wasn’t much else that could be done.  I expect that I will need to get my right hip replaced very soon as well; probably in 2009.

time to call it…

I visited my doctor yesterday.  I had been telling him and my physical therapists the past few months that I have felt like I was not getting any better and thought I might actually be getting worse.  In the past couple weeks, I have felt almost as bad as I did just prior to my operations almost a year ago.

The doctor had a look at the latest Xrays and told me that the condition of my left hip had deteriorated significantly.  It was now pretty much bone-on-bone.

After some discussion, he called over another doctor from the clinic across the street (both of them are highly respected members of Stanford Hospital / University) and they both agreed that a total replacement may be about the only option available, other than continuing to suffer through the
increasing pain and extremely limit my physical activity (normal walking causes me pain most days now).

I am thinking it over now.  But I will most likely visit the doctors again very soon and may schedule the operation for around the end of December.